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Minor in Applied Gerontology

The Applied Gerontology minor focuses on the processes of aging, changes in individuals as they age, how society affects and is affected by aging, and how current information and technology can be implemented to help care for the aging. The minor gives graduates a broader springboard into future careers found in many areas of public as well as private entities.


Students interested in receiving a minor in applied gerontology require 18 total hours of applied gerontology courses: 15 hours required and 3 hours of electives.

Applied Gerontology Required Courses (9 Hours)

  • AGER 3480 — Psychology of Adult Development and Aging
  • AGER 4500 — Long-Term Care Case Management with Older Adults 
  • AGER 4560 — Minority Aging
  • AGER 4780 — Aging Programs and Services 
  • AGER 4800 — The Social Context of Aging: Global Perspectives 

Applied Gerontology Elective (3 hours) 

  • AGER 4450 —​ The Family in Later Life OR
  • AGER 4750 — Sexuality and Aging