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Bachelor's in Public Health

The Department of Rehabilitation and Health Services offers a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. The Public Health degree program prepares professionals to promote health and identify, prevent and solve health problems at the community, local, national, and global levels. Public Health prepares students with knowledge and skills to promote health.  It draws on knowledge from the social, behavioral, and health sciences.

Our degree program is well suited for students invested in building healthy communities here in the DFW area, nationally and globally. We are situated in an academic department which promotes interdisciplinary solutions to health issues that affect diverse communities across the lifespan. Due to the broad, generalist focus of this program, upon completion individuals may pursue careers within various public hospitals, health departments, health insurance companies, as well as non-profits in the public health care industry.  They can also continue with graduate school education for advanced degrees in Public Health.

Graduates of our program may choose from a wide variety of specializations enabling them to succeed in many different roles in health care. The HPS Student Services Advising Office assists students with degree planning. The Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health at the University of North Texas consists of 120 college credit hours. The degree requires 42 hours of general academics, 39 hours in the major, 9 hours in Public Health electives, plus an additional 30 hours of free electives.

Opportunities in Public Health

  • Community Health      
  • Nutritional Health                                            
  • Social and Behavioral Health   
  • Epidemiology              
  • Policy and Health Management                        
  • Health Comm. And Public Relations           
  • Environmental Health  
  • Pediatric Health

Public Health Core, 39 credit hours

Public Health Core,  (39 hours)

  • PUBH 1010 Introduction to Public Health
  • PUBH 2015 Research Methods in Public Health
  • PUBH 2010 Epidemiological Concepts and Methods for Public Health
  • PUBH 3010 Social Justice and Behavioral Foundations in Public Health
  • PUBH 3020 Community and Public Health Education
  • PUBH 3025 Environmental Health
  • PUBH 3030 Global Public Health
  • PUBH 4015 Ethics in Public Health
  • PUBH 4020 Biostatistics
  • PUBH 4050 Public Health and Health Policy
  • PUBH 4060 Public Health Management and Leadership
  • PUBH 4070 Public Health Informatics
  • PUBH 4080 Public Health Capstone

Public Health Electives, 9 credit hours

Choose any 3 of the following:

  • AGER 4020 Psychology of Death and Dying
  • AGER 4780 Aging Programs and Services
  • COMM 3220 Health Communication
  • EADP 3010 Introduction to Emergency Management
  • EADP 3045 Disaster Response and Recovery
  • EADP 4010 Public Health and Disasters
  • EADP 4050 Social Vulnerability in Disasters
  • EADP 4090 Terrorism and Emergency Management
  • GEOG 4560 Introduction to GIS Programming
  • GEOG 4580 GIS in Health
  • PADM 4200 Leadership Theory and Practice for Volunteer Managers
  • PHIL 2600 Ethics in Science
  • PHIL 3440 Bioethics
  • RHAB 3100 Disability and Society
  • RHAB 4075 Drugs and Alcohol
  • RHAB 4200 Physical and Psychosocial Aspects of Disability
  • RHAB 4275 Alcohol, Drugs and Disability
  • RHAB 4300 Introduction to Psychiatric Rehabilitation
  • SOCI 3120 Sociology of Health and Illness
  • SOCI 3560 Sociology of Disasters
  • SOWK 4430 Applied Social Welfare 

Minor Options 

Addiction Studies; Applied Gerontology, Communication Studies; Emergency Administration and Planning; Information Management and Health informatics; Medical Anthropology; Psychology; Rehabilitation Studies; Sociology; and Human Service Management and Leadership


Program Contact

Questions about the program should be directed to Dr. Ami Moore, the Undergraduate Program Coordinator at ami.moore@unt.edu. To see an advisor, please contact the College of Health and Public Service Advising Office by phone at (940) 565-4115 or make an appointment online at https://appointments.unt.edu/