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Minor in Addiction Studies

The minor in addictions studies is designed for students interested in working with individuals experiencing addictive disorders. The program is structured to meet the state licensing educational requirements for licensure as a chemical dependency counselor.

The demand for licensed chemical dependency counselors (LCDCs) in criminal justice agencies, schools, medical facilities, social welfare programs and private practice is urgent. In an effort to help meet this rapidly growing demand, UNT’s Department of Disability and Addiction Rehabilitation offers an 18-hour minor in addiction studies that prepares students for this challenging and rewarding career.

Addiction Studies Required Courses

The minor in addiction studies requires completion of six courses (18 hours) and must consist of:

  • RHAB 3975 — Addictions or RHAB 4075 — Drugs and Alcohol
  • RHAB 4175 — Addiction Treatment Models

Plus four of the following courses (12 hours):

(Students seeking licensure are advised to take RHAB 4375, RHAB 4475, RHAB 4675.)

  • RHAB 4275 — Alcohol, Drugs & Disability
  • RHAB 4375 — Addiction Counseling and Groups
  • RHAB 4500 — Assessment in Rehabilitation  
  • RHAB 4575 — Current Issues in Substance Abuse
  • RHAB 4675 — Addiction Counseling Practices