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Our Mission

is to prepare professionals to enhance the lives of diverse populations including the aging population, individuals with disabilities, substance use disorders and/or chronic health concerns through training in advanced research, education and service delivery, or clinical practice.

What We Do

Our department is comprised of community engaged academics providing an education that reaches beyond the classroom. Faculty with expertise in applied gerontology, health services, rehabilitation counseling, substance use and behavioral health concerns prepare students for a career making a positive change in the lives of others. We offer a progressive undergraduate program in Rehabilitation Studies with optional minors in Applied Gerontology or Addiction as well as Masters of Science degrees in Rehabilitation Counseling or Health Services Administration. We also offer an innovative interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Health Services Research with concentrations in Applied Gerontology, Rehabilitation Science, and Audiology & Speech-Language Pathology. 

Alumni of our programs become researchers, educators, administrators and clinicians. If you are looking for a rewarding career empowering individuals in community based, public or private settings, we have the program for you! 


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Anyone Can Minor

Disability and addiction rehabilitation issues pertain to a vast number of careers beyond rehabilitation counseling. Students at the University of North Texas have the opportunity to receive their minor in rehabilitation studies or substance use treatment to enhance their major.

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We offer certificates in substance use disorder treatment, rehabilitation studies and rehabilitation counseling for all students within the University of North Texas. Employment Opportunities Over 90% of our graduate students are employed within six months post-graduation. (See Job Listings)

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Programs & Services

Our academic programs are tightly intertwined with community services that provide real assistance to individuals with disabilities and substance use disorders

Programs & Services

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