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Pathways for Allied Health Success

Pathways for allied health success

The path to higher education can sometimes be a winding one, riddled with roadblocks and barriers. However, the Department of Rehabilitation and Health Services offers the Pathways for Allied Health Success program (PAHS) in an effort to clear the trails for African American and Latino(a) students. Students enrolled in this academic program are given the opportunity to earn their master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling at an accelerated rate.

What Our Students Say

Kristen: "The PAHS program has already helped me so much. I don’t have to worry about paying for my books which is great. My case manager was able to answer my questions during our first meeting regarding scholarships and different employment opportunities within the field. I feel like I’ll be prepared once I graduate. I am excited and think this program is great." 



Gracie: "As a participating student of the UNT Pathways program, I have been extremely excited about being a part of this fantastic program. Through the Pathways Program, I am able to work toward my Bachelor/Masters Degrees simultaneously while receiving some of the best ingredients for success, such as: professional mentoring, professional conference attendance, assistance with books, as well as, barrier removals. I am eternally grateful and totally blessed for the staff and professors who set success of the students as a high priority! I now know that I am my only barrier to not achieving success in reaching my goal of becoming a Professional in the field of Rehabilitation Counseling/Faith Based Counseling. Thanks be to God and in the UNT Pathways Program who are a part of my success."


Ava: "The PAHS programs has been of great help by providing me with the textbooks required for all my classes. It also lent me a tablet, which is significantly helping me on my homework activities, in-class note taking, and study routine, and online quizzes. Being part of the PAHS program already provides me with information on scholarship opportunities, career path orientation, and available tutoring. It gives me the satisfaction of knowing I have a group of professionals I can trust and turn to for assistance and orientation."



Eugenia: "The pathways program has been very helpful. I have been supplied with everything I need and more. I couldn't be any happier to be in this program!"


Students Accepted into the Program

The Pathways program is the epitome of our department’s foundation of service-based academics. Students are first accepted to the Pathways for Allied Health Success program based on their eligibility by the department. Upon acceptance, students in the program receive services including enhanced advising, one-on-one case management and professional mentoring. These services allow African American and Latino(a) students to be put on a fast track to obtain their bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation studies and a master’s degree in rehabilitation counseling.

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