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UNT Wellness and Employment and Learning Lab (UNT WELL) is an on-campus facility providing hands-on laboratory experience for students. Participants offer support in class work and research regarding the topics within the Department of Rehabilitation and Health Services, as well as engagement in activities designed to enhance the health and well being of individuals with disabilities including those with substance use disorders, mental health issues and other quality of life concerns.

What Does UNT WELL Do?

UNT WELL provides sevices for students to assist them with their personal and/or academic goals through programs such as the Collegiate Recovery Program and Tuesday Night Flight. UNT WELL also focuses on teaching and research within a learning laboratory as well as enhancing the lives of individuals with disabilities.


Students within the Department of Rehabilitation and Health Services, as well as active employees in rehabilitation services, are given the opportunity to utilize their classroom knowledge for real-world application with UNT WELL through teaching, research and direct client service.

Who Does UNT WELL Serve?

UNT WELL was implemented to provide guidance and support for students within the Collegiate Recovery Program and the Pathways for Allied Health Success program.

Tuesday Night Flight

UNT WELL also facilitates Tuesday Night Flight. Tuesday Night Flight is a social support group for UNT students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to get together and do something fun on or off campus. The group meets on Tuesday nights at 5pm in Chilton Hall, room 130.

To get involved or to receive more information contact Dr. Linda Holloway at holloway@unt.edu.

How Can You Get Involved in UNT WELL?

Participating in the learning lab allows students to engage in cutting-edge research and practices used in the field in disability and addictive rehabilitation. If you are interested in more information or getting involved in UNT WELL, contact Dr. Linda Holloway at holloway@unt.edu.